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Canopy CONTROL generates valuable data-driven insights through its decision-making processes.

Utilise Canopy CONTROL to monitor performance, identify patterns, make data-driven selections, and negotiate better deals, to enhance your Supplier Lifecycle Management. 

01 / Track and evaluate supplier performance

Canopy CONTROL's Vendor Master Record enables you to define and track supplier metrics and KPIs, automatically monitoring performance against predefined benchmarks. This allows you to identify underperforming suppliers and initiate corrective actions.
Now, you can optimise your supplier base to improve overall operational efficiency, reduce spend and improve your supplier lifecycle management.


02/ Enjoy real-time decision-making.

Canopy CONTROL's rules engine enables real-time decision-making by instantaneously evaluating data and applying predefined rules. This allows you to respond quickly to supplier-related events, such as order fulfilment, contract management, or risk assessment.
Now you can access real-time insights to resolve problems and action opportunities faster.


03 / Monitor and report on ESG & Diversity performance

Canopy CONTROL seamlessly generates reports and dashboards that provide insights into supplier performance on ESG and diversity metrics. You can track KPIs and measure progress toward your sustainability and diversity goals.
Now you have transparency and accountability, both internally and externally.


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