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Integrate with ERP for enhanced control of your supplier operations

Canopy CONTROL facilitates supplier onboarding and permissions in ERP, reducing errors, enhancing spend controls, and accelerating procurement operations to boost Supplier Lifecycle Management.

01 / Instant onboarding into ERP

Canopy CONTROL collects banking and tax information directly from suppliers, which can be automatically fed to ERP to create and update ERP records. Purchasing from multiple operating entities? Canopy solves this for you by instructing ERP automatically.

Now, you can rest easy knowing your ERP system accurately reflects the supply chain you are working with, thereby maximising the efficiency of your Finance team.

02 / Enhance visibility and control

Canopy CONTROL talks directly to ERP, ensuring your business rules are translated directly to PO and invoice availability. ERP can now be configured based on supplier performance, compliance, ESG, diversity and other metrics critical to your procurement operations. 

You have now increased control of activities throughout the suppliers' lifecycle, reduced errors, mitigated risks, and improved ERP efficiency.

03 / Robust risk management capabilities complement ERP systems

Canopy CONTROL enables businesses to assess supplier risks, monitor regulatory compliance, and implement risk mitigation strategies seamlessly. 

Now that you have integrated risk management into ERP, you can promptly identify and address potential disruptions, safeguard operations, and enhance Supplier Lifecycle Management, and overall supply chain performance.

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