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Canopy CONTROL proactively minimises supplier risk with automated management

Discover how Canopy CONTROL mitigates supply chain risk by automatically managing vendors based on identified risk ratings, optimising Supplier Lifecycle Management.

01 / Identify risk and plan mitigations

Canopy CONTROL identifies and mitigates supply chain risk to prevent non-compliance and unethical practices, and maintain project standards. Canopy notifies you of issues and automatically triggers remedial actions for quick risk management and corrective measures.

Now you can identify suppliers that align with your needs and make informed decisions about selection and engagement.

02 / Set compliance needs at a macro and micro level

Canopy CONTROL's risk architecture considers local market dynamics and jurisdictional legislation, enabling quick supplier verification based on specific countries, categories, sites, and individuals.

Now, you can precisely discern suitable suppliers for each project.

03 / Centralise rules and localise decisions

With Canopy CONTROL, you centrally define governance models, granting on-site managers autonomy for site-specific supply chain decisions within pre-determined boundaries for effective Supplier Lifecycle Management.

Now, you have enabled quick on-site decision-making with quality oversight, preventing costly supply chain mistakes.

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