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Supplier Lifecycle Management  (SLM)

Canopy CONTROL delivers complete data visibility and performance controls that are critical for proactive vendor lifecycle management and improvement.

Secure Your Supply Chain with Canopy CONTROL

Canopy CONTROL is a Supplier Lifecycle Management platform that safeguards your business from non-compliant and high-risk suppliers. With automated actions and rules-based algorithms, it monitors supplier risk and performance, ensuring compliance and governance of your ERP. Identify top performers and maintain a best-in-class supply chain effortlessly.

Screen grab for Canopy CONTROL Supplier Lifecycle Management platform

Respond to market changes fast 

Canopy CONTROL's automated rules-based algorithms prevent your teams from trading outside accepted compliance thresholds. It enables you to respond quickly to changes in market conditions. You can select and assess suppliers based on your requirements: location, categorisation, spending, performance, risk, or diversity, and manage metrics throughout the supplier lifecycle.


Explore some of the key benefits below.

Build deeper relationships with the best vendors in your supply chain.

By identifying and concentrating spend within high-performing suppliers, you can negotiate better terms and explore partnership opportunities, developing a robust and best-in-class supply chain for outstanding Supplier Lifecycle Management. 

The highest standards of data security 

Canopy CONTROL immediately elevates your data security protections by moving sensitive information from email to a secure platform. Data is held with strict access controls (ISAE 3402), and you can determine the level of access for different authorised stakeholders. 


3 Tiers of Supplier Management Excellence

Canopy has tiered modules for Data Management, Supplier Onboarding, and Lifecycle Management. Designed to give small procurement teams complete visibility of supplier data and eliminate manual admin from supply chain operations.

01/ Canopy COLLECT

Supplier Data Management

No more scattered data. Configurable Vendor Master Records ensure one source of truth. Maximum visibility, minimal admin. Access supplier data effortlessly.

02/ Canopy CONNECT

Supplier Onboarding

Streamline supplier onboarding. Automate intake, due diligence, and approvals. Suppliers maintain their data. Get notified of their actions. Eliminate admin, maximise efficiency.

03/ Canopy CONTROL

Supplier Lifecycle Management

Monitor supplier risk, performance, and compliance. Automate actions per business rules. Manage availability in ERP, and safeguard against non-compliance and poor performance.

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